Comfort & Quality

Focused on ergonomy and mobility, the SALSA chair offers an infinitely variable motorised adjustment from sitting to shock position (or Trendelenburg position for the Macolounge SALSA A2 with option).

The donors’ comfort and an easy access are allowed by the wedge-shaped foam armrests which can be folded upwards, are rotatable and tiltable.

The remote control delivered with each Macoloune SALSA offers an easy and intuitive handling of the chair.

salsa macolounge blue macolounge salsa white

Three models are available:

Macolounge SALSA A1 : Compact chair with one motor => the backrest and seat are regulated together.

Macolounge SALSA A2 : Donation chair with two motors => the backrest and seat are regulated separately thanks to the remote control.

Macolounge SALSA A2 with the Trendelenburg position option: Macolounge SALSA with three motors => the backrest, seat and leg part are regulated separately offering the possibily to move the chair to any positions including the Trendelenburg position.

Please contact your sales representatives to know more about Macolouge SALSA.

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