Whole Blood Filtration at Room & Cold Temperature and Subsequent Preparation of Leucoreduced Red Cell Concentrate and Leucoreduced Plasma




Extended processing conditions

The «Leucoflex MTL1 In-line filter» consists of a Top & Top blood collection system with up to 500 ± 50 mL of Whole Blood and is intended for the leucoreduction of Whole Blood on the day of collection at Room Temperature and up to 72 hours after collection at 1-6°C.



USA evaluation – 2004:
Blood collection volume mean 500 mL ±50 mL
*RBC stored in AS-1 Red Cell Additive Solution
** Hemolysis at 42 days storage: Threshold for True Success Rate 90 % of units < 1% , Results obtained 98,4% of units < 1%

Blood pack systems with MTL1 filters are CE marked Class IIb Medical Devices and FDA approved.
Please refer to the Instructions for Use.