A success story of Laurent Duvernay Tardif, Ambassador for Emovi, named sportperson on the year by the Sports Illustrated for his engagement against COVID-19.
Great source of Inspiration

Macopharma was pleased to announce in March the distribution partnership with Emovi Inc., a medical company based in Montreal, to support our osteoarthritis management strategy.

In addition to our range of bio-sourced products that improve the lives of osteoarthritis patients and the practices of healthcare professionals, we also offer diagnostic tool through this partnership. Indeed, we believe that one key of the success in the management of osteoarthritis is to be able to do an early diagnosis on the patient.

Emovi has a very innovative technology to be able to make a biomechanical evaluation of the patient’s knee in motion.

In this partnership, Macopharma will be able to be a major player in the osteoarthritis and sport medicine therapeutic field by providing an accurate diagnosis of knee OA patients and other knee pain.

This device is already a great support for international athletes suffering from knee injuries, one of them is Laurent Duvernay Tardif.

Famous guard for the Kansas City Chief, Laurent, as many American football player, was seriously injured during a match and needed a surgery. During his rehab process, Laurent hit a plateau and it’s the reason why he turned to EMOVI to know what’s going on inside his knee on a dynamic perspective.

Emovi partnered up with Laurent to help him get back on the field pain free and he won with his team the Super bowl in February 2020.

In April, as a doctor in medicine he joined the front line in the face of Covid-19 by treading his football player uniform for one of a healthcare worker. Laurent and Macopharma share one common purpose: Supporting life!

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