Lille, France  : Macopharma SA (Macopharma) announced that the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (PEI) in Germany has given the first approval for plasma treated with the THERAFLEX Methylene Blue procedure (THERAFLEX MB-Plasma) to the University Clinics, Institute for Transfusion Medicine, Essen / Germany.

This approval is the first one in Germany, and follows approvals already obtained in other countries. The THERAFLEX MB-Plasma technology received CE marking in Europe in 2001.

“Macopharma is committed to providing products that safeguard the blood components supply” says André Pollet, President of Macopharma, “this approval will allow Macopharma to help to prepare a safer plasma and reduce the risk of pathogens transmission through transfusion”. “This first approval in Germany is a major milestone for the development of the technology in other German places and in the world”.

About THERAFLEX MB-Plasma:

Despite thorough donor screening and extensive testing procedures, the transmission of pathogens through transfusion remains a real and constant risk. This risk can be substantially reduced by the use of pathogen reduction technology.
Within the THERAFLEX range, Macopharma has developed the MB-Plasma integrated system which allows the reduction of pathogens such as HIV and Hepatitis (B & C) viruses in single units of plasma, combining the advantages of both viral reduction and single unit treatment.

About Macopharma:

Macopharma is an innovator in global healthcare with expertise in the fields of transfusion and infusion. The Company has become the largest supplier of in-line leucodepletion filtration sets in Europe and is expanding its efforts into the biotechnology field by developing products for cell expansion, in addition to cell/organ processing and freezing. Headquartered in the Lille metropolitan area (France), Macopharma has three manufacturing facilities in Europe and its products are now sold in more than 55 countries worldwide. One of Macopharma’s aims is to provide a comprehensive range for the reduction of infectious agents in plasma, platelets and red cells. This is consistent with the Macopharma product development strategy of the continuous quest, through partnerships, for improved safety, efficacy, and quality of transfusion, infusion and biotherapy.

THERAFLEX MB-Plasma® is a registered trade mark of Macopharma in Europe for a patented proprietary procedure and equipment to reduce pathogens in Plasma.

THERAFLEX MB-Plasma™ is a worldwide brand name of Macopharma.


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