Macopharma is very pleased to announce that on November 9th, 2017, the MacoPress Smart (MPS) and DMS Plus software received FDA 510(k) clearance – (BK170085).

 The MacoPress Smart is an automated blood component separator that uses automated presses and scales along with a series of optical sensors, clamps and heat sealers to provide consistent and reproducible results with most  approved bag manufacturers on the market to meet the blood center and FDA/AABB blood component criteria. The MPS offers advantageous features such as the integrated automatic cannula breakers that help eliminate repetitive strain injury (RSI) on staff, the smart tube display panel that detects tubing placement in clamps from start to finish of each separation, the MacoPress Smart’s ability to auto-calibrate removing the need to perform daily QC, and many other useful  functions. The DMS+ software is designed with flexibility in mind by allowing for full customization of each separation program and ensuring traceability of all products for data collection, storage, and analysis.

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