Benefiting from 40 years of expertise on transfusion medicine with a strong knowlegde on platelets and on pathogen inactivation, Maco Pharma Biotherapy developed a range of human platelet lysates: MultiPL’, to expand stem cells and other cell types. The full MultiPL’ range is produced from qualifed donors and platelets intended for human transfusion allowing a safety and traceability of our products.

MultiPL’ is a safe, efficient and standardised alternative to fetal bovine serum.

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For the third time, Macopharma Brazil / LATAM was present at the Congresso Brasileiro de Hematologia, Hemoterapia e Terapia cellular, Hemo 2018, from November 1st to November 03rd in São Paulo – Brazil. We presented our equipment range DCN7, Macopress Smart, PS2 sealer and SE160 sealer.