In the current worldwide sanitary crisis, we all need to join forces to manage this challenge and protect the health of the people around the world. This includes a number of critical approaches, limiting contacts, practicing protective gestures, following official guidelines, but also providing the right tools to protect the population.

The Macopharma group is committed to do its share with the recent relaunch of its protective masks activity.

A sincere thank you to all our #teams and staff who contribute to SAVE LIVES.

Wishing every one of you to stay safe and healthy in this challenging context. Together we will overcome this period and live in a safer world afterwards.

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Macopharma is pleased to announce thedistribution partnership with Emovi Inc., a medical device company based in Montreal.

As a leader of biosourced biotherapies and with its expertise in blood derivatives, Macopharma is positioning itself in OA field. Macopharma, mindful to offer OA treatments to patients, wants to go even further by providing an innovative technology to meet the needs of healthcare professionals in the diagnosis of knee pain in order to help them offer a specific treatment plan for their patients.

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