Business Continuity Policy


Macopharma commits to its customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, regulatory organizations … to do its utmost to:  

  • Maintain and preserve its business,
  • Respect its contractual commitments,
  • Respect applicable regulations,
  • Maintain company’s financial situation,
  • Minimize any risk of business interruption.

 To do this, Macopharma has developed and continues to improve an effective Business Continuity Management System according to the ISO 22301 referential:

  • Integrate aspects of business continuity in the conception of its products and services,
  • Reduce to an acceptable level the processes which have been pointed out as critical following an analysis of impacts and risks,
  • Train its teams to control continuously the risks related to its processes in order to ensure its business continuity,
  • Test its business continuity plan by carrying out situational exercises to check its efficiency,
  • Set up and follow up relevant performance indicators in order to define the improvement points,
  • Set up a regular communication plan intended for relevant stakeholders.

Macopharma’s Executive Management commits to implement measures necessary for continuous improvement of its system of Business Continuity Management.

                                                                                                                                Tourcoing, May 17th, 2018.