Our Values


While being realistic, we stay positive in our daily life. We consider our assignment within the company and our daily activities as a mean of self fulfilment. We believe in the company and in its plans. We highlight positive events and encourage them. We inspire a constructive spirit in the company. We project a positive image of the company both inside and outside. We are involved and committed.


Sense of responsibility: We feel responsible for the company’s results. We do not look for excuses when the goal has not been reached. We do not put the blame on others, on another department or on the system. We accept the consequences of our decisions and actions. We dare to speak out and issue an alert where needed to help the company move ahead. Feel for the client: We always seek to best meet the needs of internal and/or external clients by delivering the best services (quality, responsiveness, expertise, knowledge and skills, courtesy, fairness, results…). We establish and maintain a strong and long-lasting relationship with internal and/or external clients


Results oriented: We set ambitious aims for ourselves and do everything we can to reach them. We find solutions by being pragmatic and factual and by finding inspiration in alreadyexisting processes which have proved themselves. We go straight to the point without making things complicated. We always act in the best interests of the company and feel concerned and responsible for the results we obtain. Engine of change / capacity to adapt: We have a passion for innovation, we question things and look for solutions. We generate new and creative ideas and know how to transform them into concrete products and/or Services. We go beyond what is obvious and are not satisfied with the first answers. We adapt to change, perceive the interest in getting different opinions and adjust our positions and strategies to new approaches. We recommend and carry out the necessary changes for our company to succeed.


Communication / exchange: We express ourselves clearly and effectively both orally and in writing, even when dealing with complex information. We encourage free circulation of information in the company and share essential information in advance. We clarify what others are saying to make sure that we understand them well. We adapt our message to our audience and cultures to make sure we are understood. Team spirit: We consider that success comes with organisation. We develop the vertical and horizontal efficacy of our team. We take into consideration all the members of our team,  Digital Transformation-Communications whatever their position. We help other people and other teams, and share our resources freely. We inspire a good team spirit by establishing joint and motivating aims. We encourage the free circulation of information by sharing victories and successes. We encourage dialogue. We try and provide a constructive feedback and factual advice. We trust others and establish relationships based on mutual respect.