Our range of expertise

Research, sales, manufacturing or human resources — each field is different and plays a role in helping save lives.

Innovation/R&D: R&D engineer, R&D technician, market watch/intellectual property manager, marketing manager, marketing competitive intelligence.
Engineering/Technology: Continuous improvement manager, methods engineer, new projects engineer, maintenance technician, methods technician.
Production/Laboratory: APU manager, delegated on-site pharmacist, quality control pharmacist, laboratory manager, laboratory technician, machine operator, manufacturing operator.
Purchasing/Supply Chain: Scheduling officer, inventory and supply manager, purchasing manager, buyer, supply chain coordinator, warehouse operator, fork-lift operator.
Quality/Compliance: Regulatory compliance pharmacist, medical equipment safety coordinator, quality assurance manager, pharmacovigilance manager, quality officer.
Sales/Marketing: Marketing manager, sales manager, product/product line manager, sales engineer/negotiator, sales administration manager, process manager.
Support Services: HSE, Finance, Legal, IT, HR and Communication.