REF. 9MSL3621 – Macoseal TWIN EVA

High frequency sealer for EVA and PVC tubes

Macopharma’s Macoseal TWIN EVA is a medical device (CE marked) intended for the sealing of EVA & PVC tubes.

The ref, 9MSL3621 includes a generator as well as a hand sealer adapted to the sealing of EVA tubes. The PVC hand sealer must be ordered separately (ref. 9MSL3630).

Due to its small footprint, the Macoseal TWIN EVA easily fits in any environment. The long hand-sealer cable lets you carry out your sealing procedures without restricting your movements. Thanks to the pre-cut of PVC tubes, the Macoseal TWIN EVA will also help you save time.

“The only thing you have to do is to press”

The Macoseal TWIN EVA automatically determines the optimal welding settings for your EVA & PVC tubes and stops heating once the tubes are sealed, to avoid any damage. A LED indicator tells you when to stop pressing the handle.



Storage of freezing bags down to -140°C/-150°C (vapour phase nitrogen)


Sampling and/or transfer of solutions and/or cells