For over 30 years, Macopharma has been innovating and investing to develop infusion systems. Our innovations offer maximum safety in treating patients and make infusion administration easier for healthcare providers.

Macopharma’s Hospital Division has developed a broad range of products to cover the entire gamut from containers to solutions.

Containers: different ranges of soft PVC or polyolefin bags equipped with connectors and devices used to reconstitute and administer even hazardous molecules safely (chemotherapy, antibiotherapy, etc.).

Solutions: different injectable, ready-to-use infusion solutions packaged in soft bags that can be administered alone or combined with other products.

Along with these solutions, Macopharma has developed innovative systems used to reconstitute and administer medication more easily and more safely.

This range has been expanded to include medical devices developed by the Biotherapy division and used for safe fluid and product sampling needed for organ and tissue transplants.

The R&D, Pharmaceuticals, Industrial, Logistics and Sales and Marketing teams are all based at the Hospital Division’s French facility in Mouvaux, giving them a unique capacity for joint action, responsiveness and innovation.

All of our products and processes meet the quality and safety requirements of our customers, healthcare professionals and decision-makers. For our patients, they are Designed for Life©.


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