Infusion solutions/Solvents

Solutions tailored to the everyday needs of healthcare providers

Macopharma has developed one of the most exhaustive ranges of plasma substitute and infusion solutions available in soft bags. Nearly 200 products are on offer, including crystalloid, glucose, polyionic glucose, potassium and mannitol solutions.

Soft containers adapted to nursing practices

The Macoflex range includes two major categories of infusion bags: PVC and polyolefin. These two types of bags offer comparable safety and handling features.

The Macoflex PVC bags are sealed in sterilized overwraps. Each step in the manufacturing process can be monitored through a double-marking system to guarantee a high level of safety. Our processes ensure the reliability of the latex-free connectors and sterile double-membrane chamber and the strength of the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coating.


Macoflex N

Macoflex single luer-lock connector

Macoflex double luer-lock connector