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In the blood processing workflow, centrifugation is a critical step that determines the quality of blood components. Consistent with its strong commitment to provide you with the best blood processing solutions, Macopharma has carefully designed a high-capacity innovative centrifuge compatible with all blood bag types which improves the quality of blood products and brings more comfort and simplicity to the daily work of processing teams.
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The Macoseal range of sealers is dedicated to seal blood bag tubes with high quality and performances. The Macoseal perfectly fits with blood processing requirements enabling onsite high quality sealing with reliable consistent performances.

The Macoseal twin is a high frequency generator with one or two connected sealers. It is dedicated to seal PVC tubes with high quality and performance. The Macoseal twin perfectly fits with blood processing requirements and blood collection sites.


Macopress Smart

Macopress Smart (MPS) is an automatic separator for the preparation of single donation blood components. It is compatible with all currently available blood bags. The MPS can operate as an independent unit or be connected to a computer for bidirectional On-Line management with DMS+ Data Management System.

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Docon®, Donation Controller, is a fully automatic blood collection mixer that guarantees optimal blood collection and maintains the
requirements for high quality blood components.

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Macolounge is a chair designed for blood collection, whole blood or apheresis donations and therapeutic treatment, offering maximum comfort for both the donor or patient and the medical staff.

The seat operates electrically and can be easily adjusted.

If the patient loses consciousness, Macolounge can be adjusted into the Trendelenburg position in less than 5 seconds.