New! Platelet Lysate Preparation Kit

The growth of stem cells in defined, standardized, animal-free conditions represents a major issue for the amplification of secure and reproducible cell therapy products. However, to date, with the lack of such defined, and efficient serum-free medium, many laboratories still use foetal bovine serum (FBS), a complement enabling the proliferation of stem cells in culture.

More recently, human platelet lysate, another source rich in growth factors and cytokines, appears as a very interesting alternative to the use of FBS. By contrast to FBS, Human platelet lysate do not have
immunologic and infectious risks.

In close collaboration with a French blood centre, Macopharma has developed an innovative system dedicated to the close and secure, GMP, preparation of platelet lysate. This system is made of 3 different products corresponding to the 3 different steps of the preparation process.


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