Our Corporate Responsibility

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In designing products and solutions every day in order to save lives, our responsibility extends beyond our customers, suppliers and employees to include the environment as well.

Macopharma’s commitment to sustainable development encompasses the entire production chain for its solutions. We are dedicated to reducing our energy and water consumption, limiting raw materials wastage in our manufacturing processes and lowering the noise level at our industrial facilities, while increasing safety at storage sites. Our priorities also include sorting all waste and managing hazardous waste.

Macopharma takes part in the fight against all forms of discrimination. In 2006, we formed a Disability Commission and became a partner to National Disability Employment Week in France.

In putting the disability employment plan into action and anticipating physical challenges, we have altered workstations in line with recommendations from the occupational health specialist. Our Mouvaux site features a work chain handled entirely by a team of disabled employees from the Malécot disabled employment assistance organization in Seclin, under the supervision of their monitors.