SSP+: 4 Symposiums in Scandinavia with Hans Gulliksson as a speaker

Hans Gulliksson is a leading international transfusion specialist at the University Hospital of Karolinska (Stockholm).

Through his involvement in the international research group BEST, he has been instrumental in the study and development of new platelet additive solutions. Karolinska will after the summer period this year start to use SSP+ in routine. This decision will have a huge impact on the SSP+ sales in Scandinavia in particular, but having Karolinska and Hans Gulliksson as a reference will be beneficial to all of us!

We are also extremely pleased to announce that Hans Gulliksson has agreed to talk about SSP+ at 4 symposiums in Scandinavia during spring: Copenhagen, Denmark (March 3rd); Oslo, Norway (March 12th ); Linköping, Sweden (March 19th);  Helsinki, Finland (June 11th). Needless to say these symposiums will give our SSP+ sales efforts in Scandinavia a tremendous boost! The final symposium in Helsinki, which will be in English, will be recorded in order to allow other customers (and you) to benefit from Dr Gulliksson’s lecture.

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