The presence of clumps in PCs did not appear to affect the in vitro quality of PR platelets suspended in plasma & SSP+

Tourcoing — October 29, 2014 – Macopharma is pleased to inform you that a current article from the Blood Centre of Galicia, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, entitledIn Vitro evaluation of platelet concentrates suspended in additive solution, and treated for pathogen REDUCTION: Effects of clumping formation. has been recently published in the journal “Blood Transfusion”.

The aim of this study was to analyse the relationship between the occurrence of clumping and their effect on in vitro quality of platelet concentrates suspended in additive solution.

No significant difference was found throughout storage between the groups. The LDH levels increased in both groups, but this increase was higher in the test group at the last day of testing, without significant difference on day 2. In contrast, pH values on day 2 were significantly different between test and control group. Platelet derived cytokines increased comparably during storage.

The authors conclude that:

In summary, with the PAS-E containing potassium and magnesium, glycolysis activity decreases, glucose is maintained within appropriate levels until the end of extended storage and there is a platelet activation decrease.

 The presence of “non-compacted” clumps in PCs did not appear to significantly affect the in-vitro quality of platelets suspended in plasma and PAS-E and treated with PRT.”


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Platelet concentrates (PCs) are notably used for the prevention and treatment of bleeding complications in thrombocytopenic patients. Therefore platelet quality, function, storage stability, morphology and cell integrity needs to be well maintained during processing and storage. Platelet additive solution SSP+ (PAS III-E generation) is recognised as the most suitable additive solution on the market that helps standardise platelet concentrates and improves storage conditions for up to 7 days. SSP+ is compatible with manual methods and Backlab technologies for the preparation of PCs from buffy-coat and has been validated to be used with all Pathogen Reduction technologies.

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