Maco Medlab: Joint-Venture of 2 blood transfusion players

With a growing demand for platelet products and many blood donations every year, China has made itself felt as an evolving market in our industry.

For more than 30 years, Tianhe Pharmaceutical has been producing blood bags, it has been the largest bag exporter in China since 2015. This is how the Joint-Venture of two players wishing to join forces was created: birth of Maco Medlab. It allows us to offer a higher level of quality to meet local needs.

Tianhe, through our CMO cooperation, represents our 4th production site worldwide. This collaboration has already allowed the creation of 10 new standard bags, respecting European standards.

Maco Medlab will join the Chinese market with technological solutions for blood transfusion nourished by the expertise of our two companies, while offering us proximity to our future customers/partners. It is with more strength that we can now claim our commitment to support life.

It is with great enthusiasm and ambition that we share this success with you today.