Macopharma and south Texas blood & tissue center take blood donations to the next level

DULUTH, Georgia — Macopharma, a leading company in blood transfusion, is pleased to announce our success in partnership with South Texas Blood & Tissue Center (STBTC) and Calimex.  Together we have implemented a paperless process from electronic donor registration through blood donation. Together we have interfaced Macopharma’s automated blood mixer – MacoMix

HM20 and related Hemolog software – with STBTC’s Blood Establishment

Computer System (BECS).

Macopharma’s MacoMix HM20 are automated whole blood mixers that determine the safe blood donation volume for each donor based on donor’s height and weight, actively monitor the donation process and ale

rt phlebotomists when procedure is complete.  Data is collected from the MacoMix while donation is in process.  Data from the MacoMix HM20 and Hemolog software are then presented to STBTC BECS and Eldorado Donor for upload.  Calimex USA developed the interface that transfers data to and from the mixers, thereby providing a paperless donation process.

All seven STBTC fixed sites went live in late 2017.  All their Mobiles went live in Dec., 2018.  STBTC is now 100% live on Macopharma MacoMix HM20s.  Data from both fixed and mobile sites are collected in real-time for upload to their Blood Establishment Computer Software (BECS). This allows STBTC to get the following benefits:

  1. Increased efficiency taking advantage of the paperless process
  2. Reduced donor reaction rates thanks to the target WB volume for each donor

“We are excited to announce this great achievement in partnership with STBTC leadership and staff.  Together we are bringing innovation to the blood collection industry.” stated Roxane Smith, National Sales Manager for Macopharma USA.

“We are very excited to have accomplished this goal. It was a challenging

task,however, as a result of this wireless integration of theMacoMixer, phlebotomy data is delivered seamlessly into the BECS,” said Elizabeth Waltman, COO South Texas

 Blood & Tissue Center. “Along with error

reduction, now we are able to streamline production with real-time stats streaming directly from every collection site, fixed and mobile.”

“ It has been our pleasure to partner with Macopharma in its excellent products and services and with STBTC in their pioneering spirit to provide excellence to their donors, customers and staff.  We have been innovative, collaborative and thorough to become their critically important partner.  We are proud and appreciate this opportunity to contribute to this success” said Sam Waran, President/CEO of Calimex.


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