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PLASMAFLEX In-line Plasma leukoreduction filter

The use of leukoreduction is a major step to improve transfusion safety thanks to a significant reduction of patient adverse reactions and pathogen transmissions.
Macopharma develops and manufactures leukoreduction systems to improve the quality and the safety of blood components, allowing better patient outcome.

NPT system for leucoreduced plasma, buffy coat and leucoreduced Red Blood Cells concentrate preparation


High leukoreduction performance
Plasmaflex Miniplas provides high performance far below the European
requirement of < 1 x 106/unit WBC/unit

Compliance with all the European guidelines parameters for fresh frozen plasma 

High blood component recovery > 95%

Allow plasma cells and fragment removal

Maintain plasma biochemical and labile coagulation factors


Macopharma is a major global player in the filtration of blood components, with unique know-how
and expertise. We have a deep understanding of your requirements and strive to provide you with
reliable and robust filters, guaranteeing high performance stability and reproducibility.


Soft housing filter for easy & secure handling

Design allowing visual monitoring during filtration

Fast filtration process

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