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THROMBOFLEX Platelet leukoreduction filter

The use of leukoreduction is a major step to improve transfusion safety thanks to a significant reduction of patient adverse reactions and pathogen transmissions.

Macopharma develops and manufactures leukoreduction systems to improve the quality and the safety of blood components, allowing better patient outcome.

Meet your need by giving you the flexibility to fit your Buffy Coat platelet method :

Thromboflex TXP filter is the optimal solution for leucocyte removal from platelet concentrates prepared under Buffy Coat method

Thromboflex TXP filter allows the filtration of a pool of 4 to 6 Buffy Coats suspended in plasma or PAS and processed until 24 hours after collection


High leukoreduction performance
THROMBOFLEX TXP provides high leukoreduction performance >4 log

Compliance with all the European guidelines parameters for Platelet concentrates


Macopharma is a major global player in the filtration of blood components, with unique know-how and expertise. We have a deep understanding of customer requirements and strive to provide users with reliable and robust filters, guarantying high performance.


Transparent housing for visual monitoring of the filtration

Easy handling

Low filtration loss +/- 7,5 mL

Oxy-PL storage container guarantying an optimal gas permeability for optimized platelet quality

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