Sustainability at Macopharma

Macopharma’s commitment to sustainable development encompasses the entire production chain. We are dedicated to reducing our energy and water consumption, limiting raw materials waste in our manufacturing processes and lowering the noise level at our industrial facilities, while increasing safety at storage sites.

Macopharma also takes part in the fight against all forms of discrimination and inequality. We are committed to ensuring equal opportunities and the protection of everyone’s rights and safety everywhere we work.


Gender Equality at Macopharma

Macopharma has been committed to professional equality between women and men for several years through company agreements signed with social partners and commitments made within the group, so that the women and men of the company benefit from equivalent working and employment conditions. 

Our actions focus on 4 areas: 


Professional promotion

Work/life balance


In this context, and in accordance with the application of the French law “Avenir professionnel” of September 5, 2018, French companies are required to publish their gender equality index.

This index is measured based on 5 indicators.

The pay gap by age group

The percentage of employees increased during their maternity leave

Gap in the distribution of individual increases between women and men

Gap in the distribution of promotions between women and men

The number of people of the under-represented sex in the highest paid positions

The total out of 100 corresponds to an indicator of equal pay for women and men within the company:
For the year 2019, the Macopharma index is 94%.

Sustainability report