Blood Safety is our top priority

The theraflex uv-platelets system for pathogen inactivation is designed to treat platelet concentrates prepared from buffycoat-derived or apheresis platelets.

The two-part systems comprises a disposable set (class iib medical device) and an ultraviolet light (uv-c) illuminator, the macotronic uv.

The system is applied to a single unit of leucodepleted platelets, suspended in plasma with a platelet additive solution (PAS), SSP+.

Greater safety

Bacteria and leucocytes inactivated

Effective on a wide range of pathogens and emerging pathogens

No photosensitizer is used

Better value

No bacterial screening, so less discard of platelet concentrates

No costly gamma irradiation treatment

High efficiency

Inactivation completed in less than 10 minutes

A technology based purely on light

The MacoTronic UV illuminator sets new standards in pathogen inactivation.

Short Hands-on-time

Flexibility in bag agitation

Thousand bags a year

A technology based purely on light

Along with the MacoTronic UV, the THERAFLEX UV-Platelets solution is
supplied with a disposable set comprising one illumination bag, one storage
bag, clamps and associated accessories.

Pathogen Inactivation : How it works

Agitating the platelets creates waves, which cause
thin layers to be exposed to UV-C light. Exposure causes DNA
damage, rendering the pathogens inactive.

254nm wavelength provides peak germicidal efficiency

Effective against bacteria, viruses, leukocytes and parasites

A rapid, reliable process

Platelet concentrates can be treated with the THERAFLEX UV-Platelets
system in less than 10 minutes.

Sterile connection

A platelet bag designed for use with the THERAFLEX UV-Platelets system is connected to the illumination bag using a sterile device.

Preparation before illumination : 4 min100%
Hands-on time before illumination : 2 min 40 s50%

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