Macopharma Strategic Hour

Corporate Governance

Caroline Hernu

Managing Director

Thomas Widmaier

Head of Finance

Frank Schoenfeld

Blood Processing Solutions Director

Gauthier Caron

Head of Pharmaceutical and Medical Affairs

Isabelle Rohan

Human Resources Director

François Quatresous

Operations Director

Our Ambition

To be the world’s most
trusted healthcare partner
in bio-sourced therapies.

Trusted because we share the same purpose as our partners and customers: together, raising the standards of care in bio-sourced therapies to ensure the best possible quality of life for all.

Trusted because our philosophy, “designed for life”, is founded on continually building strong empathy for all stakeholders.

Trusted because we believe open collaboration is the best way to ensure our innovations are both transformative and safe, as well as globally accessible and sustainable.

Our Mission

From donor collection to patient delivery, we are dedicated to raising the standard of care with bio-sourced therapies.

Our know-how and our open mindset enable us to design solutions that contribute to better health outcomes.

Strategic orientations


Broaden our scope to overall Bio-Sourced Therapies expertise and process from blood collection (donor + HCP) to delivery (patient + HCP).


Building empathy for donor/patient experience and outcomes; anticipating & taking relevant actions to resolve unmet needs.


Value creation for ALL stakeholders; raise the standards of care in Bio-Sourced Therapies; harness the value of agile collaboration both internally and externally.