Human Resources policy supports the ambition of the Group. Working for Macopharma means helping the company to be known worldwide as a trusted partner in biological therapies. We recruit all over the world, our subsidiaries being located in more than 20 different countries. The strength of our company relies on the cultural diversity of our collaborators.

Employees of all educational backgrounds or specialties, and with more than 200 different professions (manufacturing, supply chain, engineering, sales, marketing…), we are willing to make therapeutic medicine and patients’ well-being progress.

A policy of internship and apprenticeship within our French headquarters, both in order to support R&D projects through thesis CIFRE or partnerships, and in order to support other departments such as Regulatory Affairs, quality, support departments… We also welcome the young volunteers for International Experience Program (VIE) in our different subsidiaries to promote worldwide development.

Helping our Managers to identify talents within their teams, preparing the future by identifying potential employees and support them in their evolution, defining adapted training programs to develop skills and performance of our collaborators. Implementing training projects with our experts within the Group, in order to enable our teams to be always informed of regulatory and standard evolutions, as well as obligation and commitment of the company.

Human Resources, as a true internal business partner, optimize processes, digitalize their tools to make communications and data base management easier, more efficient and secure.

Actions implemented focus on our collaborators’ commitment. Their well-being, the modernization of our organizations (teleworking..), recognition policy (remuneration, bonuses, luncheon vouchers …), are all issues handled by HR teams along with the social partners, aiming at meeting at best the expectations of our collaborators, including all generations.

For more than 40 years, Macopharma has been relying on collaborators proud to take part in the development of the company, in a spirit of friendship, solidarity, professionalism and ethics. We think that collaboration is a key element to meet challenges and imagine tomorrow’s products and services.