transfusion macopharma Life. Is there anything more precious ?
To honor the aims of world blood donor day, Macopharma organized a blood donation event 🩸 in collaboration with Etablissement Français du Sang EFS within its different sites
In addition to making medical devices to collect, process, store and distribute blood components, Macopharma aims to raise awareness and educate employees about the importance of donating blood, to contribute to the health of patients who require transfusions
Thank you blood donors
Together we will make the difference!
The apple, the symbol of our corporate brochure
« An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
A symbol of health.
An apple for the teacher.
A symbol of learning.
Sir Isaac Newton and his falling apple.
A symbol of science.
The apple tree.
A symbol of life.”

Supporting life at Macopharma – our duty and our responsibility…
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How Macopharma is responding to the global pandemic, Covid-19

The world has gone through a very challenging and dramatic period the past couple of months. Macopharma would like to join the collective voice in thanking all the Healthcare workers and every person involved in helping people go through these difficult times. We have done our utmost to play our role and delivering the lifesaving products our customers need, including Transfusion and Biotherapy products as well as the much-needed FFP2 protective masks. This is thanks to the resilience and commitment of our employees worldwide.
Macopharma will continue to strive to serve its customers to the best of its abilities.
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« Macopharma was pleased to announce the first entry product in the viscosupplementation market with HYAJOINT Plus. This medical device is indicated for treatment of pain in osteoarthritis of the knee joint. » View more transfusion collection macopharma

''We believe in making
the best out of every dr  p
of blood that flows from
a donor to a patient.''

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Transfusion is at the core of who Macopharma is,
and the foundation of our expertise and long history.

For many years, we have been at the forefront of innovation and striving for improvement to patient care via more efficient processes and products for the full chain of Transfusion from donor to patient. Every step of the way, we have enabled our customers to collect, process, store and distribute blood components that meet the highest safety and quality standards for patient transfusion.

This has given us the opportunity to develop a recognized, deep knowledge of all aspects of transfusion practices. With our open collaboration mindset and approach, we have been able to help and support blood banks around the world not just with our recognized products and technologies, but also through our service and input into process optimization and streamlining.
Whatever the need in blood collection, blood processing, and blood safety, you can count on Macopharma.


Biotherapy is Macopharma’s incubator of innovation.

Using our combined industrial and technology-based or scientific expertise, we develop new solutions in other therapeutic areas with unmet patient and healthcare practitioner needs

A 360° offering in bio-sourced therapie

Our core knowledge in Transfusion devices (bags, conservation and illumination) serves in the constant development of a wide range of therapeutic solutions for cellular and tissue therapies that answer different clinical needs and specific medical contexts.

Our extensive expertise in blood processes and derivatives has also motivated us to seek other significant ways we can apply this knowledge to improve the quality of life for patients suffering life-altering disease.  By entering the field of sports medicine and articular pathologies, we continue to expand our horizons to improve donor/patient comfort and health.

Patient testimonial


Receiving so many transfusions, it’s a gift of life!

In early 2000 (in October 1997), I was diagnosed with widespread cancer (T-cell lymphoma) that had reached my kidneys, my liver, my bone marrow and my spleen. I was severely affected psychologically and physically. I required as much as 300 units within 100 days of blood transfusions to survive.  In life, you must not remain alone.  A series of human actions saved me… And, I am alive today thanks to blood donors and the devoted care of healthcare professionals whose lifesaving interventions were largely enabled by the products and solutions provided by Macopharma.  Every person in the company, at every stage of the process, is devoted to ensuring that people in the world can live.

Thank you.

Patrick BĂ©rard,
Executive Manager Héma-Québec Foundation and Recipient

Fondation Héma-Québec
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