Welcome to Macopharma

Founded in 1977 in the North area of France, Macopharma is a major player in blood industry. Its development has always been driven by important innovations resulting from significant investments in research and development and collaborations developed with customers and partners.

Macopharma offers a range of blood processing solutions combining expertise on disposables, equipments, softwares and processing guidelines to support healthcare professionals for safer and higher quality blood components for the benefit of donors and patients.









Solutions to make the best out of every drp of blood

Macopharma’s expertise on disposables, equipments, softwares, processing guidelines supports healthcare professionals to provide safer and higher quality blood components, in an efficient and sustainable way for the benefits of donors and patients.

Aspiring to a rich and fulfilled life is universal and needs to be shared.

It is blood in our veins and hope in our hearts, believing in big dreams and making them come true. Human is our priority, we believe in solutions to make the best out of every drop of blood.

For the last 45 years, we learnt from experiences and found our pathway to build the future because tomorrow, even more than today we need to provide sustainable solutions, and be more committed than ever to our responsibilities and duties.

Definition of INNOVATION: New or modified entity that performs or redistributes value (AFNOR, ISO 56000).

INNOV by Macopharma empowers every collaborator but also partners and stakeholders to contribute, from ideation to incubation and approval phases. This process impacts our roadmap to get closer to our vision: we raise the standards of care by providing sustainable solutions to ensure safe and secured blood components to every patient on the world.

The Innovation Committee of Macopharma gathers dedicated professionals from R&D, Manufacturing, Medical Affairs, Marketing, Regulations and Sales to consider every opportunity to support life.