CSR Commitments

Our commitments are driven by our raison d’être “blood is life, we support life”, and our vision to “push back the boundaries of healthcare by providing sustainable, integrated solutions to ensure the quality and safety of blood components, to every patient in the world”.

We believe in the One Health approach, in which the health of an organization, and of an entire ecosystem, is fundamentally linked to each of its components.

Ambition 2030

With this in mind, we have written down our CSR ambition for 2030, so that it combines societal and environmental challenges, by linking the health of patients, of the men and women in the company and of the planet. Our approach is built around 4 pillars: CSR governance, people, planet and patient.

Through our ambition, we contribute to 11 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations to be achieved by 2030; and we do this by integrating our stakeholders so that, collectively, we can make a difference.

CSR Governance

At Macopharma, we are fully aware of our position and act as a responsible player in the healthcare sector. To this end, we attach particular importance to ethics and compliance, and are working to strengthen our CSR performance management.

We comply with applicable laws on business ethics, anti-corruption, transparency, respect for human rights and digital security. We also provide a whistle-blowing platform for reporting any behavior that contravenes our code of conduct.

Our CSR performance is managed by the Human Resources and Sustainable Transformation Department.


As a company on a human scale, we pay special attention to the men and women of Macopharma. We are committed to protecting the people we work with by complying with HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) regulations, but we also strive to go beyond these legal and regulatory obligations, to continually improve well-being and quality of life at work. With this in mind, all our production sites are ISO 45001 certified.

We believe in diversity to enrich the way we work, and we reject all forms of discrimination that might hinder collective fulfillment.

Finally, we work every day to help our teams grow and achieve our objectives.

Through our “people” pillar, we aim to give meaning to our day-to-day actions by giving our employees the means to fulfill their missions, while contributing to Macopharma’s challenges and success.


As a manufacturer of single-use healthcare products, we are responsible for measuring the impact of our activity on the planet, in order to develop the most effective actions to contribute to international climate ambitions.

For several years now, our approach has been illustrated by an ISO 14001-certified management system for all our activities.

Today, we are also pursuing our efforts to reduce emissions and better manage our resources through the deployment of our carbon trajectory, the monitoring of our environmental and waste management system, the implementation of our energy reduction plan and the development of eco-design thinking

These are our processes and objectives for providing more sustainable solutions and reducing our consumption.


As a key player in the transfusion chain, we have a responsibility to ensure that our products are safe for patients at all times. To this end, we are constantly striving to meet our customers’ needs and improve the safety and quality of our solutions.

To achieve our mission of supporting life, we are organized to ensure business continuity through a robust, ISO 22301-certified system.

While quality is at the heart of our range of solutions, we are also committed to safety, not only to guarantee high-quality products, but also to provide safe blood at every stage. To this end, our quality policy is regularly audited and ISO 13485 certified.

Macopharma offers solutions that are the result of years of innovation and expertise, integrated into our products and services.

This collaborative experience, with and for our customers, demonstrates Macopharma’s responsibility for sustainable solutions that support life in a holistic way.

CE Certificates

All of our medical devices feature the CE marking and meet the fundamental requirements of European directive 93/42/EEC.

The CE certificates are available on request.

Some of our blood filtration systems are approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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