We deal with many CSR challenges and we can rely on Macopharma governance and our employees’ engagement to transition to more responsibility. Our goal is to protect them not only daily with a safe environment but also to help on health and sustain Macopharma for the next decades. People, Planet and Products are the 3 axis of our CSR approach so we all work to improve our impact from a company but also a community and individual perspective
After several years with Nexans, APRR, Savoye and Tetra Pak, Isabelle Rohan developed a set of transformation skills to conciliate employment and talent growth within global companies. When she joined Macopharma in 2016 as HR Director she appreciated the diversity of culture of the family business as well as its mission to support life. Isabelle Rohan is now heading HR and CSR as the company defined Corporate Social Responsibility as one of its strategic pilars.