Living Together Week : Celebrate our diversity & promote inclusion

During the last week of November, Macopharma organized its first “Living Together Week” in France, Tunisia, Poland, and its sales subsidiaries.
Our goal : to celebrate the diversity of our teams, breaking down barriers and clichés.
This week was born out of Macopharma’s commitment to ensuring an equitable and inclusive working environment for its employees. This commitment is part of our CSR ambition for 2030. 

After more than 10 years of organizing a week to promote the employment of people with disabilities, we have decided to extend our awareness-raising to more topics: intergenerational issues, racism, gender, culture, gender equality, sexual orientation… 

The idea : to raise awareness while creating moments of conviviality and sharing within the company. 

The week kicked off with the digital 3D exhibition named “Diversity”, presented in partnership with ArtWork In Promess, a company that creates committed artistic experiences.        Aimed at deconstructing prejudices linked to skin color, disability, clothing style, weight, gender, eating habits, and sexual orientation… the exhibition is made up of different photo portraits and testimonials, presented by the artists Angelina Bruno, Jennifer Routaboul, Julien Arduin and Sherine Deraz.

Culture and creativity are also an infinite source of joy, hope and understanding for people across the world…*  

At our French site, with the same idea, employees could take part in: 
– Skits, performed by 2 professional actors from the troupe Les pieds sur scènes, showing, in a humorous way, sexist, intergenerational or intercultural stereotypes that may be present in the workplace. Each skit was followed by a debate to discuss the prejudices we may all have. 
– A ‘cinema quiz’ activity proposed by Goods To Know, which, as its name suggests, linked scenes from mythical movies to questions relating to inclusion in the form of a team game. 

 Focus on targeted actions by theme : 

 Disability : 

 For this year, we decided to raise awareness on invisible disabilities with a stand on diabetes run by the Fédération Française des DiabétiquesAFD 59, but also through a communication entitled ‘Foulons les idées reçues’ (“Let’s dispel preconceived ideas”) by CSOUKA and CSOUKHA. Messages and statistics on the different types of disability (motor, sensory, psychological, mental, disabling illnesses) were displayed in the break rooms of our sites, to counter preconceived ideas and free up discussion on these subjects. 

The annual ‘Opération Brioches’ also took place on Macopharma sites for the 14th year, raising 2101 euros for the Papillons Blancs de Lille. This sum will support a shared housing project in Lille-Fives (north of France). 

Last but not least, the traditional ‘Handicafé’, offering coffee and pastries, took place on our premises to offer a convivial moment between our employees and the ateliers Jemmapes de Wambrechies. 

 Culture : 

It was through the game ‘share the story behind your name’, created with the participation of our employees who shared their family history with us, that we learned more about the cultural richness that makes up Macopharma. 

Gender equality  : 

We host a workshop on the Game ‘Les Mille Pas”, run in collaboration with Networkcoeur. Created with the testimonies of 700 women about the obstacles and accelerators they have encountered in their careers, the aim was to succeed in moving forward through a woman’s professional career, which is sometimes held down by difficulties, while collectively finding solutions to them. 

Age :

A workshop on identifying junior versus senior skills was organized with the support of Kronos, to raise awareness of the complementary nature of the different generations in the company. 

In Tunisia, the focus this year was on culture and disability, with an activity around the discovery of regional dishes, and visits to two associations supporting disability: Ghaya and Alph Korba.
In Poland, disability, cultural and age diversity were highlighted through a special communication campaign.

Finally, several targeted communication initiatives were carried out at all our sites during the week to draw everyone’s attention to the issues surrounding diversity and inclusion and to remind them of our anti-discrimination policy. 


 We’d like to thank all the Maco people who took part in the various activities, as well as the entire project team for making this first edition such a success !