New blood banking strategies for processing and storage of red blood cell components

As Europe is facing new challenges regarding blood storage, concerns about the subject have grown.

It has inspired Linda Larsson for her thesis to develop new methods to preserve and/or improve the red blood cells quality and limit the outdating frequency with one main concern in mind : always provide safer solutions for patients.

Indeed, with the life expectancy increase, the number of patients needing a transfusion therapy is growing whereas the number of donors is decreasing. A tension, that could jeopardize patient care. On top of that, we have to be prepared to any emergency situations.

Macopharma, whose mission is to support life, has decided to provide materials to Linda in order to support her research. As an actor of the blood transfusion industry, it is our duty to anticipate future concerns and encourage knowledge development.

On the thesis program : split red cells concentrates’ Cryopreservation and the replacement of an actual plasticizer : DEHP (Di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate)) by DEHT (Dioctyl terephthalate).

We encourage you to read the complete Thesis of Linda Larsson which, we hope, will contribute to improve our blood banking strategies !