Our Commitment to Cancer Awareness

Why organize those campaigns in our company? 

Cancer is a significant health concern affecting numerous individuals. As a company dedicated to the health , we want to ensure the well being of our collaborators, it is our duty to contribute to the prevention of these diseases that impact many lives.
We renewed our internal campaign on Pink October (breast cancer) and we launched  Movember: a movement to make November the month dedicated to raising public awareness of prostate and testicular cancer, the two types of cancer that affect men the most, as well as men’s mental health and risk of suicide. We also commit to this battle with our Movember campaign. 

Our Goal: Raise Awareness, Prevent, Support 

Our primary goal is to raise awareness within our community about breast, prostate and testicular cancer, providing crucial information on early detection, and support for those affected. Additionally, we aim to foster solidarity and empathy. For all these reasons, we have organized various actions such as a webinar, workshops and a solidarity photo contest.
By participating in these initiatives, each member of Macopharma becomes an ambassador of Pink Otober / Movember, making a difference in the fight against these diseases.

Together, let’s make October and November a time of unity, prevention, and support. 

We support life.