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Blood Bags Systems

1 High quality break-away cannula – Enables an optimised blood flow while maintaining blood component quality

2 Outlet ports – Provide sterility of blood components all along the process

3 Standard and numbered tubings – Because sampling is an essential step in your process, numbered segment tubings are available on many of our blood bag systems

4 Labels – Compliant with  ISO 3826-2 (2008), EN ISO 15223-1 (2021) and ISBT 128 standard

4 Traceability – Because our common goal is patient’s safety :

  • We are fully committed ensuring the full traceability of each product,
    from each individual component to the final blood bag
  • We are dedicated to enable you tracing each bag from donation to transfusion

Macopharma provides you with the widest range of
blood collection systems adapted to your needs

We are proud to listen, care and provide you with blood bag systems that are matching your needs.
We offer you flexibility through :

The quantity of bags in our systems : from single to quintuple bags configurations

The volume of whole blood collected : from 250 ml to 500 ml

A wide range of anti-coagulant and additive solutions

The availability of all our bags systems with in-line leucocyte reduction filters

The choice of blood component produced :
Red Blood Cells concentrate, Plasma unit, Platelets from Buffy-Coat or Platelet-Rich Plasma method, Serum, etc.

We are confident that our range of blood bag systems will
enable you to find the best solution that fits your process needs.

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