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PLASMAFLEX Dockable Plasma leukoreduction filter

BRV System

BSV System

Macopharma manufactures a wide range of plasma dockable filters sets in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of blood centres, hospitals, and research laboratories.


High leukoreduction performance
Plasmaflex Plas4 provides high performance far below the European requirement of >1 x 106/unit

Meet all the European guidelines parameters for leukoreduction

High component recovery > 90%

Allow cell and fragment removal from plasma

Maintain plasma biochemical and labile coagulation factors


Macopharma is a major global player in the filtration of blood components, with unique know-how
and expertise. We have a deep understanding of your requirements and strive to provide you with
reliable and robust filters, guaranteeing high performance stability and reproducibility.


Soft housing filter for easy & secure handling

Design allowing visual monitoring during filtration

Fast filtration process

Maximum plasma volume to be filtered: 650 ml

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