Training for new machine operators

To modernize our Tourcoing plant and reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), we recently acquired a new machine: FIAT (Automated Industrialized Filters for Transfusion) :

We have now begun training our future machine operators/drivers.

The FIAT machine is a major investment for Macopharma (over 4 million euros), but the biggest investment we’re making is you (our employees)”. Logan DOUAY, Plant Manager”.

FIAT training: where do we stand?

We had defined a training course comprising 2 learning blocks: the first concerns the Macopharma culture (BLOCK1: acculturation) and the second concerns the machine itself (BLOCK2: appropriation). The first part of the training program (BLOC1) ran from April 9, 2024 to April 18.

It is subdivided into 4 modules:

  • Getting to know Macopharma (plant tour, Macopharma history, discovering Maco’s values and strategic home, HSE) ;
  • Knowledge of the filter workshop (the manufacturing process and its evolution, as well as interactions with other departments) ;
  • Filter essentials (Products manufactured and quality requirements) ;
  • The characteristics of the FIAT line (The genesis of the project and the working environment, safety reflexes and the production system).

in total this represents :

10 drivers

7 in-house trainers (HR, HSE, filter team)

1 external trainer specializing in Implicit’s TFC (Transmission de la Formalisation des Compétences) method.

– Approximately 50 hours of training delivered, requiring over 150 hours of module preparation by in-house trainers.

The results lived up to expectations for Macopharma’s first training course of this type, both for the trainees and the trainers.
At the end of the training, the 10 drivers were assessed on this first Block using a demanding multiple-choice test. The success rate was over 80%, which augurs well for future assessments and the transition to BLOC2 (practical application).

This first training course ended with a final session on the roles and responsibilities of a line driver, followed by a team-building afternoon with an activity at DOCK 13, also attended by our team leaders.


And now what?

Now that our future drivers have passed their code, we move on to the driving test, learning how to drive!
From mid-May onwards, we’ll be moving on to line ownership training (BLOC2).