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THERAFLEX MB-Plasma disposable sets

SDV system
Especially designed for single donor units of plasma collected from Whole Blood

ZDV system
Especially designed for single donor units of plasma collected from aphaeresis;
It is used in combination with BRV system

All disposable sets are easy to handle for the production team

disposable set

A user-friendly and effective pathogen inactivation technique against enveloped and non-enveloped viruses designed for single units of plasma

SDV system

The THERAFLEX MB-Plasma kit incorporates a dockable set suitable for both whole blood and
aphaeresis plasma. The process requires a simple dry set consisting of:

a Plasmaflex filter (PLAS4) for leukoreduction, removal of
residual red cells, platelets and aggregates

a Methylene Blue pill (85μg anhydrous MB chloride)

an illumination bag

a Blueflex filter for Methylene Blue (MB) and photoproduct retention

and a storage bag

The initial plasma volume range to be connected to the
THERAFLEX MB-Plasma system is 235ml-330ml.

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