Business Continuity Plan


MACOPHARMA has developed this Risk Management & Business Continuity Plan in conjunction with its already existing risk management program. The principals underlie the risk management process on which this business continuity plan is based. The aim and subsequent risk assessments and treatments are designed to protect the staff, business and products against threats causing risk and disruption to MACOPHARMA.

2. Scope aim and objectives

2.1 Scope

This plan is intended to cover any unexpected or unplanned disruption to Macopharma operations, which threatens the delivery of key products to its customers. The plan does not deal with minor disruptions which can be managed through business as usual processes, nor does it cater for disruptions which are planned in advance (plant shut-downs etc.).

2.2 Aim

The aim of this plan is to ensure that all staff who have responsibilities for managing a disruptive challenge with Macopharma have the necessary guidelines and tools to enable them to manage it effectively and to a successful conclusion.

2.3 Objectives

This plan will :

  • Detail the Macopharma strategy for managing disruptive challenges.
  • List the roles and responsibilities for those staff who will manage the event.
  • State the strategic objectives for Macopharma in the initial aftermath of the event.
  • Detail the process for initial assessment of an event and the trigger points for activation of the plan

3. Business Continuity Strategy

Macopharma provides critical lifesaving equipment and materials around the world.

Whilst Macopharma values every one of its customers, the company also recognizes that some of its customers have placed an enormous amount of trust in them by using them as their sole supplier of critical consumables. These are MacoPharma’s priority customers.

The Macopharma Business Continuity (BC) strategy then is to ensure that the effect on these priority customers is kept to a minimum and every effort will be made to ensure that there is no interruption to their supplies.

3.1 Strategic objectives

  • To maintain so far as is reasonably practicable the uninterrupted supply of goods to Macopharma priority customers.
  • To manage the event within both legal and regulatory boundaries.
  • To return Macopharma to a state of Business as Usual at the earliest opportunity.
  • To manage the event in such a way as to protect and if possible enhance MacoPharma’s reputation in the eyes of its stakeholders.