Ethical Charter

Maco Pharma Group specialises in the production and commercialisation of health products in the fields of blood transfusion, biotherapy and infusion. Macopharma has built its development on values and principles of action and ethics.

Macopharma is committed to delivering quality products and services.
All its processes are designed to achieve excellence as far as quality is concerned, right along its entire value chain – from “research & development” to sales, without forgetting manufacturing.

This code of good conduct sets the foundations that ensure compliance with all current laws and regulations.
As a result, Macopharma expects its employees not to engage in any practice that contravenes its obligations.

Macopharma demands rigourous ethical conduct from its employees.
At Macopharma, we are committed to respecting our employees, subcontractors, commercial partners and relevant authorities. 

These principles have laid the foundations of the culture at Macopharma and have built the reputation of this group. 

Responsible and long-lasting management plays an integral role in the culture at Macopharma. 

Macopharma’s success is built on the expertise and commitment of our employees and commercial partners and we encourage both individual and collective responsibility. 

Macopharma’s ethical charter was set up to formalize common and crucial references for each employee of the group. Its content is not aimed at substituting legal texts nor professional codes in force, but it complements them. 

These rules are not exhaustive but in addition to everyone’s common sense and sense of responsibilities, they set landmarks for the employees of the group in order to guide their actions and inspire their behaviors according to ethics.

Adhering to this ethical charter and code of good conduct
(hereafter referred to as the “Charter”), means:

Subscribe to a series of strong commitments, beyond the general and permanent commitment to respecting applicable laws and regulations in force while carrying out our activities.

Commit oneself individually and collectively to respecting the ethics and the professional code of practice described hereafter, spread this Charter to subsidiaries of our group and/or distribution network, and make sure its provisions are respected.