HSE Policy

Health, Safety and Environment Policy (H.S.E.) Macopharma

Macopharma, as part of its daily operations, will not only undertake to comply with the applicable HSE regulations to which it is subject, but will also strive to go above and beyond its Legal and Regulatory obligations to constantly improve and become a benchmark in this area.

Macopharma undertakes as part of its sustainable development policy to :

  • Integrate the HSE criteria into the life cycle of our new products from the design stage in order to mitigate any potential impacts.
  • Optimise the consumption of natural resources relating to our activities, recognise our ultimate losses and prevent accidental pollution.
  • Involve our employees in the development of our HSE culture through a consultative and participatory approach.
  • Reduce and control the exposure of our staff to internal risks or external risks in order to reduce impact on their health.
  • Select and assess our external stakeholders and partners according to our HSE requirements.
  • Train and raise the awareness of our staff and external stakeholders, in order to develop best practices for the prevention of accidents, damage to health and damage to the environment.
  • Raise the awareness of users of our products on the preferred channels for the end-of-life of our products.
  • Communicate and take into account the challenges of our stakeholders in relation to our activities namely, our staff, our customers, our external stakeholders, our suppliers, our supervisory authorities etc.


The Management team undertakes to implement the necessary measures for the continuous improvement of the HSE Management System.