Macopharma relaunches its protective masks activity in march 2020

Macopharma has built on its expertise in non-woven materials to expand its product range, above all for filtration applications.

During the avian flu pandemic in 2005, the company set up a facility used exclusively to manufacture respiratory protection masks. In this particular market, the French government selected Macopharma as one of its five official suppliers.

In 2007, the customer portfolio was diversified to serve industrial users, B-to-B customers and healthcare providers. Macopharma currently sells FFP2 respiratory protective devices that comply with class of filtration efficiency requirements under standard EN 149:2009.

During the 2009 H1N1 flu pandemic, the facility’s workforce was ramped up to 175 employees to be able to respond to the French government’s additional needs.

Important note

Counterfeit masks are offered for sale on various networks (eBay, Instagram, LeBonCoin …). As these masks are not produced by Macopharma, we do not guarantee neither their effectiveness nor their authenticity. Any advertisement of counterfeit masks is subject to a counterfeit complaint. Macopharma masks are also offered for sale by third party vendors.

This practice is legal nevertheless we wish to draw attention to several points : The masks have a limited lifespan of 5 years after manufacture, it is advisable to check the date. Macopharma stopped selling masks in 2019 for very limited and specific orders – the masks sold on the online platforms likely suspecting therefore from old stocks and not come directly from Macopharma, Macopharma cannot guarantee their effectiveness.   Do not hesitate to contact Macopharma in case of doubt about the advertisement.